LNG pool fire suppression

Generation 1 Pool Fire Suppressant System

by Pittsburgh Corning



Industrial fire safety is more important now than ever before. Production demands require oil and gas facilities to run continuously without fear of costly safety issues. Many companies are also assigning a greater priority to communicating their successful safety records both internally and externally.



Pittsburgh Corning's FOAMGLAS® PFS™ Generation 1 Pool Fire Suppressant System


  • Delivers a reliable,  passive solution for the reduction of thermal radiation and flame height in contained liquid natural gas (LNG) fires.
  • Complements any safety program
  • Easy to install
  • Low-cost, low maintenance


Consult Pittsburgh Corning's Technical Services for guide specifications covering the latest information about design, installation and maintenance of FOAMGLAS® insulation systems. 


How the Generation 1 system works.


  • A passive system that remains in place
  • Provides immediate and automatic control of LNG pool fires
  • No deployment delays

  • Highly buoyant
  • Rises immediately to the surface of the LNG
  • Provides an insulating cap that can aid in reducing vaporization

  • Suppression cubes are released onto the pool surface
  • Quickly limiting thermal radiation and flame height

  • Works in conjunction with fire fighting foams

System Information. 



FOAMGLAS® PFS™ Generation 1 System Brochure


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Vapor & Fire Control of FOAMGLAS® PFS Generation 1 System on LNG and LPG


The results of a series of tests that were conducted by Resource Protection InternationaI that outline all observations and subsequent conclusions.


Download the Test Report




FOAMGLAS® PFS™ Generation 1 Application on LNG


The results of a series of tests that were conducted by Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center (MKOPSC) that outlines the obervations and subsequent conclusions.


Download the Test Report




Feeling the Burn


This article orginally published in LNG Industry Journal (2009) considers how to reduce thermal radiation from LNG pool fires.


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