FOAMGLAS® Insulation Product Characteristics

FOAMGLAS® Insulation

Product Characteristics




  • 100% closed-cell glass material
  • Resistant to water, hydrocarbons and most other liquids
  • No condensation or swelling
  • Helps to prevent corrosion under insulation
  • Reduces risk of flame spread





  • Resistant to water, hydrocarbons and most chemical vapours

  • Retains a constant insulating efficiency
  • Does not require the use of a vapor barrier
  • Helps prevent corrosion under insulation
  • Reduces risk of flame spread





  • 100% glass - inorganic and contains no binders or fillers
  • Does not support combustion
  • Will not absorb flammable liquids or vapors




Vermin Resistant

  • No food or nesting source for birds or vermin
  • Does not support the growth of micro-organisms and bacteria




High Compressive Strength

  • Withstands loads which crush most other insulating materials
  • Eliminates the need for special treatment at pipe cradles
  • Provides full support to tank bases and pipe supports
  • Eliminates thermal bridges




Dimensionally Stable

  • Stable over a wide range of temperature and humidity
  • No warping or buckling
  • Expansion/contraction coefficient similiar to steel
  • Ensures that the insuation system remains sealed against moisture




Corrosion / Chemical Resistant

  • Resistant to organic solvents, nearly all acids, and most corrosive atmospheres
  • Does not promote metal corrosion
  • Helps to keep water from reaching equipment and piping
  • No degradation from sour gases or other corrosive media in aggressive plant conditions




Easily Cut to Shape

  • Easily fabricated into a wide range of shells, segments and other shapes
  • Prefabricated and pre-assembled components are available
  • Can be easily cut on site using a hard-point saw and other simple tools





  • Does not contain CFC's and HCFC's
  • Formally recognized as an ecologically friendly, sustainable construction material
  • Contributes to sustainable building practices


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